Bay Scallops

“sweet, candy like, tasty morsels”, that describes Nantucket Bay scallops. Nantucket Bays are especially sought after because of their ability to be served raw when fresh, and at their ability to caramelize beautifully when put to heat.

Ask any scalloper, and they will tell you, the best way to eat bays is Raw! Right out of the shell! They are perfect at the raw bar, or in sushi, ceviche, and, of course, wrapped in bacon.

Our commercial harvest season runs from November 1st – March 31st. We fish Monday – Friday, temperature permitting – must be at least 28F by 10am. The daily limit is 5 bushels. Scallops are landed live, in shell, then brought to permitted, inspected shantys to be cut, packaged and shipped. Nantucket Bay scallops count is typically 40-60 count, or pieces to the pound. The meat itself is the abductor muscle of the scallop, and has a sweet, mild taste that is unequalled anywhere.


We ship, FedEx, anywhere in the USA. Our shipping days are Tuesday through Friday, overnight delivery. Scallops are shipped FRESH, with frozen gel packs, in insulated boxes, so the arrived perfect!

Wholesale: (508) 280-1542 | Retail: (508) 331-5977