Nantucket Oysters
Great Harbor Oysters

There’s no surprise that Nantucket oysters are some of most decadent oysters on the market today, briny and sweet with a perfect cupped shell; they are truly a marvel of nature, 5 star amazing! Grown at the deepest point in Nantucket Harbor, in floating cages, allows our oysters to feed on the abundance of plankton and nutrients in this healthy body of water.

Growing in floating cages has many benefits. It keeps the oysters clean and safe from a host of organisms that can damage shell and hurt the quality of oyster, it also makes for a magnificent shaped, exceptionally clean shell. Words can’t explain how much better a Great Harbor Oyster really is.

Using the latest in oyster growing technology, combined with the pristine nutrient rich water you can only find far out in the ocean and you would almost have the perfect oyster. Add in a love for growing oysters and a eco friendly group of folks whose life revolves around creating a one of a kind, amazing oyster and maybe, just maybe you could call them perfect.


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